tirsdag den 22. april 2008


Do you remember that holiday? Spain, sunglasses and the sun. And when we would
get down
we would speak Spanish.
And when we would quarrel, we would speak English - which was only logical.
And in French we would be philosophical and talk romantic.

And we would always be funny in Spanish, which was our way of being funny. Driving your car.
Me, wearing your sunglasses – feeling happy in the mirror. When I was young and pretty and you were so tanned. We rode around an Island and made up this story that I would write.
One day.
That I would call “The Husband”, cause you once kissed someone’s wife and they would call us children.
And I called home and said, that I was happy and in love and had never been this happy before, which made them worry about me.
And when you broke my heart, I took the long way home escorted by angels.

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